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What We Offer

Storm Integrated Solutions offers products and services in the following areas:

  • Consulting and Facilitation: Full-service consulting services for organizations who want implement the Art of Community as a transformative path to Connection, Equivalence and Effectiveness, as well as professional facilitation of any group gathering.
  • Workshops: In-person, interactive and fun trainings designed to provide a learning experience through active participation and engagement in actual processes.
  • Materials: High quality materials to support individuals and organizations in learning about and implementing the Art of Community.

Consulting and Facilitation

Ongoing coaching, consultation and support are key to the transformative journey of implementing the Art of Community. We offer full-service support to organizations willing to commit to some level of implementation, ranging from multiple on-site workshops to technical support, facilitation training and coaching, and periodic meeting and process support.

We also offer professional facilitation of business meetings, board retreats, special decisions, restorative processes and any other group situation demanding skillful and competent facilitation.

Contact us to schedule a free telephone consultation or to request facilitation services.


We offer workshops for individuals and groups in the Denver Metro area and by invitation in other areas. We are happy to tailor the training to your organization to produce the most benefit in the least amount of time.

Workshop Offerings

All workshops include one free copy of the Circle Meeting Process Guide Trifold Brochure per person and one free set of Process Guide Posters if the workshop is sponsored by a group or organization.

  • Wholeness Through Self-Governance is a one-day introductory workshop focused on experiencing Connection, Equivalence and Effectiveness through interactive games and exercises as well as the practice of Sociocratic processes.
  • Making Meetings Magic is a weekend training (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) focusing on the small-group decision-making experience. Grounded in preliminary activities in group dynamics, power relationships and exploration of decision-making rules, we spend the second half of the workshop practicing the Sociocratic Circle Meeting format and consent decision making processes using content brought by the participants. This workshop is also offered in a "Light" version held on a Friday evening and Saturday.
  • Living the Art of Community is a five to seven day training intended to support an organization in beginning to implement the Art of Community. Specific details of the training are tailored to the organization's needs.
  • Customized workshops are available for your organization upon request.

Upcoming Workshops

Visit the Upcoming Events Page to see what's coming. To request a workshop, please contact us.


SCM-1: Sociocratic Process Guide

We have developed a high quality, attractive Process Guide for Circle Meetings and Consent Decision Making, updated for 2016. This tri-fold brochure features a unique 6" square format, cardstock printing for durability, and easy-to-follow guides to Sociocratic Circle Meeting processes including resolving objections. See below for thumbnails of the six pages of this product and a pricing guide.

Front Cover
Art of Community Diagram
Page 1
Selections to Roles & Positions
Page 2
Consent to an Existing Proposal
Page 3
Make a Decision   (No Proposal)
Page 4
Back Cover
Circle Meeting Format
 posters final cover DM Guide Pic Page 2 Small DM Guide Pic Page 3 Small DM Guide Pic Page 4 Small DM Guide Pic Page 5 small  DM Guide Pic Page 1 Small 

Process Guide Trifold Brochure Pricing
Quantity Price per Copy
1 to 10 $ 1.25
11 to 25 $ 1.00
26 to 50 $ 0.75
51 to 100 $ 0.60
> 100 $ 0.50

SCM-1P: Sociocratic Process Guide Poster Set

As a companion product for the Process Guide tri-fold brochure, we offer a 24" square poster set. The posters are sold in sets of five, featuring all the same content as the brochure except for the front cover. They are perfect for display on an easel during circle meetings to support the circle in following the processes.

There are two ordering choices: Single Set and Unlimited Use.

  • Single Set: One set of five posters, printed on plain white paper in 24" square format at a local printing facility of your choice, or delivered by US mail at extra cost.
  • Unlimited Use: We send you a PDF version of the posters by e-mail, which you may then use to print as many sets as you like. This ordering option includes a 50% discount on ordering updated poster sets when new versions are released.


Process Guide Poster Set Pricing
Option Price
Single Set $ 50.00
Unlimited Use $ 150.00

To place an order, please contact us.